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❄ Let the dummies duke it out!
{ the hero } fists his hand
The Hanging Edge.

Snow hadn't been able to stay at Lightning's place, nor had he had any wish to go home; he'd paced and thought most of the day, mind puzzled and heart racing, trying to figure out what the hell had happened - or rather, why it had happened - and why it was making him feel so... so...

Well, he didn't know how he felt, if truth be told. Hence the pacing and thinking, and his headache being persistent didn't help anything. Everything had always been so simple with Serah... Even when she'd turned into a l'Cie, tension didn't remain between them. Nothing was ever complicated with Serah, but with Lightning... She had quite the personality! It was almost hard to believe that they were sisters, sometimes - aside from the fact that they did look a like, for Lightning was fire where Serah was--

Serah. Her memory didn't make him wince like before - almost a year had passed, after all - but he still thought of her. After what he'd done the previous night, her image lingered in his head, but he couldn't find it in him to feel guilty. He knew he should have, and the only guilt he actually felt was because he didn't regret what had happened. He had loved Serah with all his heart, but things had changed, and even though he kept fond memories of her, it just... wasn't the same. He still felt for her, of course - he probably always would, for she had changed his life for the better. But now?

It was almost laughable, really, to think of himself kissing Lightning, and have her kiss him back. He was so used to her punching him - of course, that's how it had started too - and imagining them both being anything else but friends was... Well, he didn't know. What was Lightning to him? He didn't want to think too much into it, either, but he couldn't exactly shut his brain off.

Fortunately for him, however, going after her had shaken some sense into him. She was on duty - that'd been why she'd left in the first place - but when he went to see her, she was nowhere to be found. She'd been sent to the Hanging Edge, or so he was told, and by the looks of her superior, it sounded serious.

And of course, wherever there was danger, there were heroes.

Snow didn't hesitate one second to take off - for old time's sake, perhaps, or because he was in dire need of action. How long had it been? Too long, and he couldn't really complain - as long as everyone was safe, Snow was happy - but if there was some asses to kick, he'd at least feel useful.

And apparently there were.

When he arrived, Lightning was already fighting. He couldn't tell exactly what it was - Pulse Beasts, surely - but they were many, and Lightning and her soldiers were outnumbered. She stood alone, in fact - the others were far and widespread - and even though he knew she was capable, he wasn't going to let her fight alone.

"Let's even these odds!" he grinned as he got off his bike, running towards her. She was cornered - or sandwiched, rather - and the enemy in her back was the first one he aimed. His fist was more than ready for it, pulverizing the beast instantly as he put all of his strength into his punch. Damn, his new coat was effective!

"Miss me?" he smiled as he turned around, beside her now but looking at the enemies in front of them; where the hell did they come from, and why so many? "What happened here?" he asked, fists tightened and eyes fixed on the target.

Ϟ ...i must've hit my head on that purge train.
Before she even knew she was awake, she knew her head must've done nothing short of imploded during the night. That was the only possible explanation for the exact throbbing, stinging, burning, aching sensation that had settled over the top foot and a half of her body. Not an exaggeration: It was a headache so strong that she could feel it down her neck and almost into her shoulders. It was a headache so strong that while normal headaches made you want to avoid moving to keep from aggravating it further, it was already "aggravated further", so she found herself sliding pitifully and mutinously down to lay flat on her side. She pressed her knees against her forehead and her hands lifted to sluggishly twine her fingers through her hair and put pressure against the sides of her head with her palms. Almost as if the inside of her head was pushing so hard, she felt the need to push back. She wasn't even fully awake, and already she was in a kind of agony that most bladewounds didn't rival. (Or so she thought at the time.)

Clearly, this was going to be a good day.

Then, small bits of coherency drifted into focus.Collapse )

findings - plot fodder
This is gonna be incoherent rambling. K? K.

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❄ This isn't the time for people to be fighting each other
{ the hero } looks at his feet
Nine months.

Nine months of pain, nine months of regrets. Nine months of change and recovering. When Snow looked back on everything that had happened, he could actually smile; a lot of positive had came out of his last big mission. Not only Cocoon had been saved, but everything seemed better. Even Sanctum. NORA was no more, although their group wasn't disbanded; they reunited often, and as time passed, violence in their hearts faded and faded, leaving room for more peaceful ambitions. They were still heroes, of course; Snow would never ignore a soul in need of assistance, and he was always willing to help and protect. No, it's his rebellious nature that had been toned down; or perhaps he was simply growing up.

And less delusional.

He had taken the habit of visiting Serah's burial place every day, at dusk, when the sun lay low and the beach was void of children. He never stayed long; just enough to say a few words, keeping her updated. It was mostly symbolic, of course; she still had his heart in more ways than one, but he wasn't waiting for her any longer. Her fate hadn't been what he had wished for, but he couldn't deny the fact that she wouldn't come back, either. Oh, it still hurt, but it was a fact he had finally accepted, and even though he wasn't particularly fond of admitting it, he had Lightning to thank for it.

Lightning... Nine months of absence. His mind had shut her off a long time ago, and he knew it was mutual. She had made a point to let him know they had nothing strong enough to keep them together, and ultimately he had proved her right. He hadn't thought about her all that much; while Serah was often on his mind, her sister had ceased to exist... yet lately he found himself picturing her in his head, wondering what had happened to her. Had she moved on? Was she still a soldier? Was she doing better?

He wasn't sure why, but he still cared, somehow. Especially now, for today was not a banal day. His memories led him to where it had all started, where everything had started to go downhill, where he'd lost Serah... It was Lightning's birthday, and he couldn't help but wonder how she was doing. Was it affecting her, too? Was she reminded of her last one? Did she have regrets?

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Ϟ it's over! open your eyes and face reality.
She'd spent all day training--or so it felt. But that had proven the best way to cleanse each meeting with Snow from her system. The harsh words exchanged, the memories evoked. The best way to find stability, even for a moment.

At least one of them had to.

She'd trained some with her gunblade, but there wasn't too much she could swing at without breaking something valuable. Not that any of it was valuable anymore... It was all stuff their mom had kept around her house, before she'd died, and Serah'd been bent on keeping at least some of it.

Serah. Lightning bit the inside of her lip at the memory, more in frustration than anything. She fought to escape, yet even in training, the memories were right on her tail.

She refused to allow it.Collapse )

ℵ musings
Not sure why I'm posting this here, but I feel like it's relevant. Why? Because I've figured out what to do if we decide to bring Serah back for good, and it's too large for slapping on the other post.

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❄ The army's no match for NORA!
{ the hero } gazes at the horizon
The sky had never looked so bright before. Sparkling stars reflected on a watery mirror... A soothing sight, a glorious scene. A view he had not seen in ages, and yet he had never forgotten; Bodhum would never leave his heart, no matter where he was. His fondest memories belonged here, along with his friends, his first experiences, his first battles...

His first love...

Snow brought his glass to his lips as Lebreau watched him closely behind the bar's counter, waiting for her cue to intervene; she'd always mothered him and their group of friends -- despite being the same age as they were -- and she hadn't given him a minute to breathe since Serah's memorial. She was worried, he realized that, but he was a goddamn hero; heroes didn't need to be looked after.

"Take your time, hero," she warned him as he downed his beverage, a special mix she had made for him. "It's your last one."

"What? I can handle a little alcohol," he countered as she snatched the glass from his hand, but his mind was fogged already.

He wasn't drunk; slightly tipsy, yes, but mostly sleep deprived. It had been a few days now since his last encounter with Lightning -maybe even a week- and he didn't remember ever closing his eyes at night. He was tormented, haunted by her words and the memory of Serah, both constantly clashing in his mind, leaving him exhausted. Fighting was easy when you knew your enemy, when you could separate right from wrong, but what happened when confusion took over?

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Ϟ how I live is up to me
It was all just one big waiting game.

From the second she'd gotten home the night before, she'd been unable to do anything but pace. When she'd tried to cook, she found herself by the window across the kitchen enough times that she'd taken the 'to hell with it' approach and dumped the half-cooked stir-fry in the trash. She wasn't that hungry, anyway. When she'd tried to sleep, she couldn't find a comfortable place to lay, and her feet wouldn't stop twitching. So she'd gotten up. She was even less tired than she was hungry, anyway.

No, that was a lie. Lightning was always tired. In the two nights since she'd realized Serah was lost for good, she'd slept a half hour at most, and that had been at the kitchen table. But when she tried to sleep, it wouldn't come. Thoughts would come, though, en masse. Thoughts of Serah, mostly, but also of Snow, who Light knew had loved Serah too. And of Hope, who'd lost his mother. Light had lost her mother--no, that's not true either. Claire had lost her mother. And to this day, Lightning remembered how it felt... But it hadn't felt even remotely as gut-wrenchingly, lung-squeezingly, sleep-deprivingly terrible as losing Serah. Her sister. How many times had Snow felt he had to 'remind her' of that? Too many. Even once was too many.

And he was coming to remind her again, she knew.Collapse )

❄ Serah... Sweet dreams.
{ the hero } gazes at the horizon
"Tellus dormit, et liberi ingem faciunt numquam extinguunt nec spertisi possit. Hom vir dividit, tragoedia coram amandamque. Et nocte perpetua, ehem vers den alii onem. Pavor omnifere pona, manes tempus, expergiscendi."

Everything will work out in the end. As long as we stay together and hold on to hope.Collapse )

Ϟ it can't protect; it only destroys
"It really is a miracle."

Until she'd been branded, Cocoon was all that Lightning ever knew. The sight of it perched in the sky on a spire of pure crystal was enough to captivate even those difficult to impress. But that in itself wasn't what she'd been referring to.

After all, hadn't she too been crystal? Up until just about a minute ago, she'd found the same end as her sister. As Sazh's son. They all had. But somehow, they'd come back, just like Fang had told them she and Vanille had. Just like Snow swore Serah would.

'My brand! It's gone!' Lightning turned to see him gazing in wonder at his wrist, now conspicuously bare. Her hand flew to her chest by reflex, but it wasn't as if she could check for her own brand, there in front of two grown men plus Hope. But by the looks of it, the rejoice was unanimous; Snow's arm was brandless as well, and Sazh too seemed absolutely thrilled.

A sudden relief swelled in her chest, escaping in the form of a choked-breath of a laugh and a grin she didn't want but wouldn't dream of pushing away.

But in the midst of the excitement, something caught her eye. She turned at once to face it, brow furrowing and all trace of the former excitement gone.

It was a boy.Collapse )


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